Link to start session

I'm looking forward to meeting you!  Of course, please use the "contact me" form to confirm that you are ready to begin.   

Please don't skip any of these steps!!

First step: Go to the "Forms" page and fill out the consent to treatment and the other forms on that page.

Second step: Go to the calendar, and select an open time. Plan for our first session to be a 15 - 30 minute meet and greet where we talk about our plans, I describe how working with me works, and you describe what it is that you want in a therapist. This is a complementary session, as it is just to get to know each other and make a plan from there.

After that, you and I work together to to meet and begin our journey.  Setting up our next and continuing appointments are our mutual responsibility.

It is up to you to arrive on time (I only give a 10 minute grace period!) to our counseling room.  When you go to https://sessions.psychologytod... , you will enter the waiting room. At our appointed time, I invite you to the session, and we can start!!!

You will find a link on the payment page to pay for your sessions. I bill via Square, but of course you can pay via credit card, PayPal, Venmo, etc. If you need a detailed receipt or invoice (AKA Superbill) to request reimbursement from your insurance company or to prove to your HSA provider that I'm legit and they should cover it, please ask. I am HAPPY to provide this on request.

Contact me!

I look forward to meeting you soon

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