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Hi - I'm Alyxx. My pronouns are they/she. I am a person-centered counselor with 8+years of experience as an MH therapist and more than 15 years as a Chemical Dependency/SUD counselor. I am licensed in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. My primary focus has been with the alternative community - LGBTQA+, Non-traditional relationships (triads, poly, BDSM partnerships), and Sex Workers. I have also spent a great deal of time working with folks in or considering transition, be it gender transition or any other kind! Obviously, I love working with people outside of these communities, and am looking forward to talking to you. I use a blend of CBT and other evidence-based treatment modalities informed by a client focused and respectful approach. I am also trained in EMDR. With chemicals, as with all aspects of our lives, I am very solidly in the Harm Reduction camp, and want to meet you where you are to help you go to where you want to be.

I'm Queer, Poly, Pagan, Non-Binary and Non-judgmental about lifestyle issues.  I am a therapist because I am a Priestess. People have told you how to think and feel and what is good for you and your life/lifestyle and how you come up short. I believe we, especially those of us on the edges of mainstream society,  can make our own choices about our lives and become an embodiment of self-love and PRIDE.

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